mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

Claire Castel Pulsions Extrêmes (2013)


Claire Castel has been kissed in a public parking lot by a stranger.
Claire has been climbed in the automobile of Hervé that has brought her in the streets in Paris. To the first stop, she has started to perform a few in the full street. One times dressed, they are directed in a yard of construction where she has made a new exhibition. A boy was there, on the place, a black.
Few to few, has started to draw near to Claire, and as he is liked when she has seen him, they have departed directly kissing themselves in the automobile. After the boy has made his bargain, Claire still felt like kissing, she still wanted of it. Hervé has brought her in a very known place where some men wait for to tame of the couples or of the alone women. Claire has chosen one of them and they have kissed far not him in a public parking lot

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