martedì 19 novembre 2013

Guide De La Sodomie Par Jessica Drake (2012)


 LA SODOMIE! It can seem commonplace because in all the movies, there are anal scenes. But you, at your home, know how to practise well the sodomy with your partner?
Thanks to Jessica Drake and his guide of the sex, you will become a real expert!
The preparation, the caresses, the lubricants, the sextoys, how to play with fingers, you will know everything to put your partner in the best conditions.
With two couples, specialists of anal penetrations you will exactly see how well penetrating into the anus and as well to place your partner.
Having to watch this DVD, you will have no more excuse for not not, as Lyla and Jeremy, a couple novice, knowing the pleasures and the orgasms of the sodomy.
More than a DVD, an instructions for use which every amateur of sex should possess

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