mercoledì 13 novembre 2013

Diario Di Una Segretaria


 Roberta, a young and attractive secretary, is in charge by Franco, a discreet business lawyer in a little special practices, to deposit in the form of a personal diary, a suite of intrigues among which the sex and the pleasure are the mainspring. Actually, the young woman, interested in spite of her, takes himself in this game of libidinous investigations and registers scrupulously them cavort sensual of the women and men whom the lawyer indicates her. In the sun of the seaside or in the convenient shade of a bar, on the seats of a Chinese restaurant or in the mechanical set of a weights room, caresses more than order, eager gluttonous fellatios and cunnilingus, vaginal and anal, successive or simultaneous penetrations give free rein. But it is when Roberta's task seems accomplished that the lawyer discovers the truth which it had not planned.

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